He's starting who?
He's out of his mind!

Being a Premier League manager is stressful business.
They make baffling decisions. But don’t worry, you can prove that you know better and make sure that the right team is picked.

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Coming to iOS and Android spring 2015

Your football club, managed by YOU

Frustrated come full time? Would you have done it differently?
It's time to take charge

If the manager had done what you said at 2:30 it would have been a guaranteed 3 points.

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Take control over your squad

Fine-tune tactics and research your opponent. Let players focus on important aspects of the game

Good preparation is half of the success.

Pick starting lineup and strategy

Decide who makes the cut and who doesn’t. Set your lineup the way it should be

Pick the right strategy for the game ahead. Surprise your opponents

Compete in leagues against other managers

Play for fun with you friends or join alternative Premier Leagues and beat strangers. It’s never too late to get your team to the place it deserves.